Jan 19, 2021

Starbucks customer compensated over 'slanty' eyes drawing on cup

A Starbucks branch in Dublin has been ordered to pay compensation to a customer of Thai heritage after an employee drew "Slanty" eyes on her cup. Ms Foley attempted to give a shortened version of her name at the counter as she made her order so it could be written on the cup. Workplace Relations Commission Adjudication Officer Kevin Baneham said it was not disputed that a Starbucks employee drew an image of a smile and what was referred to in the hearing as "Slanty" eyes on the cup as a way of marking it as Ms Foley's cup. In his judgement, Mr Baneham said that instead of Ms Foley's name being used on her cup, "a physical descriptor was used, in this case her eyes". The employee said she no longer drew on cups, unless a child was looking for a birthday-related drawing.

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