May 12, 2018

Why Starbucks could still face toilet trouble

Starbucks has amended its toilet policy to allow anyone to use the facilities - whether or not they purchase something - following a row over the treatment of black customers. On 12 April, the manager at a Philadelphia Starbucks called the police on two black men who had requested to use the toilet without making a purchase. The same principle has been used in the US city of Portland, Oregon, where public toilets built in 2012 specifically addressed the problems of Seattle's toilet fiasco. "Cities don't offer public restrooms because they offer more problems than they solve," Evan Madden, sales manager for the Loo, told the BBC. Mr Madden said the toilet was designed by the community - police, fire, parks and recreation staff as well as toilet designers. There is always room for improvement: in 2015, the Japanese government offered a Japan Toilet Prize during a campaign to improve toilet quality across the country.

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