Jun 24, 2024

Apple in breach of law on App Store, says EU

The European Commission, which regulates competition in the EU, said Apple's App Store squeezes out rival marketplaces, marking the first time it has found a company in breach of the Digital Markets Act. The tech giant has been given the opportunity to review the investigation's preliminary findings, and it can avoid a monster fine if it comes back with a proposal which is satisfactory to the EU. The European Commission says that developers should be able to freely tell customers when there are cheaper app stores available beyond the one run by Apple. "We have reason to believe that the App Store rules not allowing app developers to communicate freely with their own users is in breach of the DMA," said EU Commissioner Thierry Breton. "All developers doing business in the EU on the App Store have the opportunity to utilize the capabilities that we have introduced, including the ability to direct app users to the web to complete purchases at a very competitive rate." Another of Apple's main arguments is that users benefit from strong security measures by sticking to the official App Store.

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