Sep 20, 2022

iPhone 14: India man flies to Dubai to buy Apple gadget early

Dheeraj Palliyil flew abroad to buy the iPhone 14 Pro last week in a bid to become one of the first few in the world to own the new phone. Over the years, fans have gone to great lengths to buy its latest models - many also consider owning the phone to be a status symbol. 28, is no stranger to the hype - this is the fourth time that he has travelled to Dubai just to buy the phone ahead of others. The first time was in 2017, when the iPhone 8 was launched, followed by trips in 2019 and 2021.He says he "Didn't want to wait" and that he "Loves the excitement of waiting outside an Apple store to be among the first to get the phone". "During previous iPhone launches, the phone would usually release in India 10-15 days after its sale abroad. This time however, the India sale was to begin just a few hours later, but it has become my ritual now to buy the latest phone in Dubai," he says.

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