Nov 11, 2020

Apple unveils first Mac computers powered by its own M1 chip

Apple has revealed its first Mac computers powered by chips of its own design. Apple said the advantages of using the M1 chip included better battery life, instant wake from sleep mode, and the ability to run iOS apps. "The move to Apple silicon allows Apple to get the same level of integration we have seen on iOS and iPadOS where the user gets the benefit of having an operating system and app ecosystem that are optimised to the silicon," explained Carolina Milanesi from the consultancy Creative Strategies. "Apple's moves will help validate Arm-based chips for personal computing and even in the data centre, meaning the whole Arm ecosystem will benefit," said Ben Wood from CCS Insight,. Apple's first major jump in processor technology, when it switched from Motorola's 68k-series chips to the PowerPC processors that it co-developed with Motorola and IBM. The shift meant existing software had to be run under emulation, causing it to run more slowly until it was rewritten for the chip's reduced instruction set computer-based architecture.

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