Jan 22, 2020

FBI 'persuaded Apple to halt iCloud encryption'

VCG Apple reportedly abandoned plans to let customers fully encrypt back-ups of their iPhones on the company's iCloud following pressure from the FBI. Full encryption involves converting data into code so it is impossible to access without a password. Reuters spoke to six sources, including former employees at Apple and the FBI. "Encrypting data is essential and companies usually offer help and support when protecting data, so this news comes as a shock to me," said Jake Moore, a cyber-security expert at internet security and antivirus company ESET. "However, it doesn't mean your back-up and data can't be encrypted." Shot dead. Over the past seven years, Apple has responded to over 127,000 requests from US law enforcement agencies for information. Apple did in fact turn over the gunman's iCloud backups. "We reject the characterisation that Apple has not provided substantive assistance in the Pensacola investigation," Apple said on 13 January.

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