Oct 17, 2019

Can a new apple take over the world?

PVM When you hear that a new variety of apple is being launched with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, you might wonder if you weren't listening properly, and that the product is actually an Apple iPhone. Now starting to hit grocery shelves in the US, and then overseas early in 2020, is a new American-born apple that its backers are convinced will be become the new global bestseller - the Cosmic Crisp. The idea was to develop a new variety of apple to help Washington's then beleaguered apple farmers. First made available for commercial planting in 2017, Washington's apple farmers had long heard of just how good the new variety was supposed to be. Bradley Rickard, an economics professor at Cornell University in New York state, is optimistic that the Crisp can indeed shake up an apple industry in desperate need of a game-changer.

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