Jun 4, 2019

A brief history of Apple's iTunes

Apple has announced iTunes will be absorbed into its three new entertainment apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. It launched a number of new services at a star-studded event in March, signalling a change of direction for the 42-year-old hardware company. ITunes will not be disappearing completely - downloads will still be available in the sidebar of Apple Music, the app will remain and the platform will be unchanged on Windows. The music store launched in 2003 but iTunes started life in 2001, when the first generation iPod MP3 player - which stored 1,000 tunes - transformed the world of digital music. Dismantling the one-stop-shop into three distinct market stalls could give Apple more of a competitive advantage, said Mark Mulligan, music industry analyst at Midia Research. "Its role as a music app has already diminished... what Apple is doing is saying that to succeed in this world it has to specialise in everything - it can't be a generalist," he said.

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