Sep 8, 2018

Apple v Amazon: Battle of the titans

Although Apple and Amazon offer different products and services, they are both technology firms and make up two of the five best performing technology stocks on the market - typically known as FAANG, which stands for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Apart from devices, Apple is mostly focused on its Apple Music streaming service; Apple Pay contactless payments; and selling music tracks and mobile apps on the iTunes Store. "Amazon is much more of a mass market player than Apple - with some instances you could use Amazon every day," he said. "With Apple you would only buy one product a year. Amazon has a much bigger potential to scale up than Apple." "Both companies are facing issues around regulations. There are issues about taxation, but if it comes down to a straight fight between Amazon and Apple, then given that Amazon has these various strong strings to its bow, then ultimately my belief is that Amazon will win out," says Mr Saunders.

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