Jul 12, 2022

National emblem: Ferocious lions' statue on new parliament raises eyebrows

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a bronze cast of India's national emblem on top of the new parliament building with much fanfare. Mr Modi shared a video of the unveiling on Monday morning that showed the cast - weighing 9,500kg - on top of the central foyer of the new parliament building. The new parliament building - which is still under construction - is part of the government's 200bn-rupee plan to modernise old colonial government buildings in Delhi. On Monday, Sitaram Yechury, a leader of the opposition Communist Party of India, said that PM Modi's involvement in unveiling the national emblem violated the constitution as it "Subverted" the separation of power between the executive, represented by Mr Modi, and the legislature, which the parliament building symbolised. The new parliament building was expected to be completed by August 2022 in time for the country's celebrations of 75 years of independence.

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