May 11, 2022

Ukraine war: Putin preparing for long haul, US intelligence says

Image source, EPA. Vladimir Putin is preparing for a long war in Ukraine, with even victory in the east potentially not ending the conflict, US intelligence has warned. Moscow refocussed its troops on capturing the Donbas region after Ukraine resisted attempts to take its capital Kyiv.But despite this, its forces remain in a stalemate, US intelligence said. The Russian president could turn to "More drastic means" as the war continues - although Moscow would only use nuclear weapons if Mr Putin perceives an "Existential threat" to Russia. Defence Intelligence Agency Director Scott Berrier told the same hearing that the Russians and the Ukrainians were "At a bit of a stalemate". The five-storey building collapsed in March as residents hid in the basement from Russian shelling, but rescuers have only just been able to reach the building.

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