Dec 5, 2020

Venezuela election: 'There's no opposition here, just God'

For Nicolasito is the president's son and under Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela's once oil-rich economy has crumbled. Every day, millions of people in Venezuela struggle to access enough food, annual inflation is above 5,000% and about five million people have fled the country in search of jobs and more stability. Tens of thousands of people came out onto the streets to support him - he had approval ratings of more than 60%. But in the time since, Juan Guaidó's popularity has plummeted to around 25%. President Maduro is still in Miraflores Palace, and the country is going nowhere. Mr Guaidó insists that the international community continues to support him. In the new year, Mr Guaidó runs the risk of being jailed by the Maduro administration if he continues to lead a parallel government.

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