Oct 6, 2020

Perez Hilton: I never needed to be so cruel

In 2011, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton met with an exciting new singer named Ariana Grande. "I'd never put much thought into writing an autobiography before, because while I have this public persona of being extremely confident, I also am extremely filled with self-doubt, worry and insecurity," Hilton tells BBC News. Hilton would write stories about the celebrity world, often adding his own catty comments. Nowadays, Hilton often appears on celebrity reality shows and presents his own showbiz news podcast alongside his superb co-host Chris Booker, whose scepticism and impatience with much of celebrity culture is the perfect balance to Hilton's excitable and animated personality. As for his website, Hilton can still be found regularly making cutting comments about the day's entertainment news.

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