Sep 22, 2020

Anne Webster: Australian MP and husband awarded A$875,000 in defamation case

The National Party's Anne Webster sued conspiracy theorist Karen Brewer over posts she wrote on Facebook in April and May. On Tuesday, Justice Jacqueline Gleeson called the claims "Wholly indefensible". The posts alleged that Ms Webster was "a member of a secretive paedophile network" and made false claims about Zoe Support, an organisation created by the Websters to help single mothers. In her ruling, she said the defamatory statements had spread online and into the community, and that the Websters as a result had "Suffered intensely". Ms Webster said Facebook initially did not take down the posts, despite her repeated requests for them to do so. Ms Webster told broadcaster ABC News she was interested in legislative changes that could make companies like Facebook more accountable for what they published online.

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