Aug 17, 2020

The two students who took on Coke and Pepsi

Students Mirco Wiegert and Lorenz Hampl had decided to set up their own cola company, but there was a catch - they had no idea how to make the fizzy drink. "We Googled for cola recipes and ingredients," says Mirco, who was 28 at the time, in 2003. "We were lucky because people liked our cola brand. They were curious - they saw these two students with a strange cola, and they said, 'Let's give it a try.' And they liked it." "Its authenticity derives from its image of a company that was founded by students who wanted to offer a product with a better taste and higher caffeine content than regular cola," she says. Since 2016 Mirco has run the Hamburg-based business by himself, as Lorenz decided to depart that year to pursue other interests.

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