Jul 27, 2020

White House protest account disputed by National Guard officer

A US National Guard major is disputing the official accounts of the clearing of a 1 June protest near the White House. Adam DeMarco, an Iraq War veteran who is now a major in the Washington DC National Guard, was at the scene of the protest that came after days of rallies outside the White House that injured several officers and left a nearby historic church and park vandalised. The police moved in to clear the protesters around 18:30 local time - around 30 minutes before a city-wide curfew went in to effect - and just as Mr Trump began a televised speech from the White House Rose Garden. The White House contends that the decision to expand the security perimeter was not related to Mr Trump's decision to visit the church where moments earlier protesters had gathered. Committee Chairman Raul Grijalva - an Arizona Democrat who invited Mr DeMarco to testify, said his statement shows "The discomfort the military has with policing against the American citizen. This was a political stunt at the expense of the protesters and at the expense of the reputations of the National Guard and the police".

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