Dec 13, 2019

The place where dead eagles are given a new life

Warning: This story contains images of dead and dissected eagles. It's illegal for anyone in the US to possess or disturb Golden Eagles or Bald Eagles - dead or alive - unless there is a special exemption in place. "The eagles are a symbol of great spiritual healing power. The eagle carries our prayers as it's the only animal that can go much further into the sky - towards the heavens and so carry these prayers with it. Its eyes can see a great distance, while the wings and the feathers are able to carry this creature in any direction it wants to go." Its current form emerged in 1994, after then-President Bill Clinton signed a memorandum requiring dead eagles to be sent to the repository. Over the last decade certain Native American tribes have been given permits allowing them to keep live eagles and use feathers that have been naturally discarded.

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