Nov 20, 2019

Vegan sues Burger King for cooking Impossible Whopper on meat grill

A vegan customer is suing Burger King for cooking its plant-based patties on the same grills it uses for meat. In the lawsuit filed in a Miami federal court, Mr Williams says that the burger chain does not clearly advertise that the plant-based burgers are cooked with meat. At no point was he told the Whopper was cooked on the same grill as the meat burgers, he said - adding that, had he known, he would not have ordered it. Mr Williams said he wanted damages for everyone in the US who bought the Impossible Whopper, as well as an injunction requiring Burger King to "Plainly disclose" that the vegan burgers and meat burgers are cooked on the same grills. Burger King started selling the Impossible Whopper in Sweden in May, before rolling it out to US stores in August.

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