Sep 6, 2019

American Airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging plane

An American Airlines mechanic has been charged with damaging an aircraft in July as he was allegedly "Upset" over stalled union contract negotiations. Suspect Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani told police he had tampered with the system to cause a delay or have the flight cancelled so that he would get overtime work, according to a criminal complaint filed in a Miami court. According to the complaint filed on Thursday, Mr Alani glued the foam inside the tube leading from the outside of the plane to its air data module, a system that reports aircraft speed, pitch and other critical flight data, the Miami Herald reports. A federal court last month issued a permanent injunction against the union to stop it from interfering in the airline's operations. American accuses the mechanics of undertaking illegal work slowdowns over the summer period which led to flights being cancelled.

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