Jun 21, 2019

Dr Marijuana Pepsi: The woman who refused to let her bullies win

A woman who refused to change her name has defied her bullies by earning a PhD and becoming a doctor. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck says she spent her life being made fun of because of her distinctive name. "Tell them your name honey," they'd say. "Marijuana is unusual and then you add Pepsi to it and the comments just didn't stop and they still don't stop" she told the BBC. "They would ask to call me Mary, and at first that was fine until I won a school spelling bee. I came home with my certificate, and my mum hit the roof when she saw the name on it read Mary Jackson." "I'm asking the others what happened and they were like, 'Marijuana look at the names, it's the names, she can tell from the names she's got the black kids', and it clicked and I thought this is ridiculous, I'm going to write about this."

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