Dec 30, 2018

DoubleTree Portland hotel fires staff who evicted black guest

The DoubleTree Portland hotel has fired two staff members, after they were caught on video evicting an African-American guest who was using his phone in the lobby. Jermaine Massey, 34, was accused of "Loitering" by a security guard, who told him police had been called to "Escort him off the property". Mr Massey, who was returning a call from his mother, explained that he was a guest at the Oregon hotel. On 29 December, the DoubleTree hotel chain, which is owned by Hilton, tweeted that it has "Zero tolerance for racism" and "Deeply apologizes to Mr Massey". Mr Massey's lawyers have asked the hotel to "Explain in detail in what manner [he] was a threat to safety or security", and said they were "Investigating similar reports from other Hilton hotels".

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