Oct 9, 2017

Namibia: More than 100 hippos die in suspected anthrax outbreak

More than 100 hippos have been found dead in a Namibian national park, with authorities suspecting anthrax could be to blame. Anthrax is a deadly bacterial disease which is known to kill game, cattle, and sometimes humans. Colgar Sikopo, director of parks and wildlife management at Namibia's Ministry for the Environment and Tourism, told the New Era newspaper previous outbreaks in Namibia had only killed a couple of hippos and elephants. A previous outbreak in Uganda in 2004 left at least 180 hippos dead, while last year more than 2,300 reindeer died after being infected with anthrax during a heatwave in Siberia. Anthrax can be treated with antibiotics but treatment needs to start soon after infection.

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