Oct 25, 2017

American Airlines accused of racism after 'disturbing incidents'

A top African-American rights group has warned black flyers to exercise caution when flying American Airlines after a string of "Disturbing incidents". The NAACP "National travel advisory" was issued as the advocacy group cited a series of incidents suggesting a "Corporate culture of racial insensitivity and possible racial bias" at the airline. It warned black travellers that American Airlines could subject them to "Disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions". American Airlines replied in a statement: "We are disappointed to hear about this travel advisory as our team members - a diverse community of gate agents, pilots, and flight attendants - are proud to serve customers of all backgrounds." The woman's travelling companion, who was white, remained assigned to a first-class seat, according to NAACP. Another incident involved a black woman who was ordered removed from a New York to Miami flight after a pilot overheard her complain to a gate agent about a change to her seat assignment without her consent, said NAACP. American Airlines, which has 120,000 employees, has invited NAACP representatives to meet at the company headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, for "a meaningful dialogue".

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