Jul 5, 2024

Amazon at 30: What next for 'The Everything Company'?

Even if you think you can visualise that never-ending blur of parcels crisscrossing the globe, you need to remember something else: that's just a fraction of what Amazon does. "For a long time it has been called 'The Everything Store', but I think, at this point, Amazon is sort of 'The Everything Company'," Bloomberg's Amanda Mull tells me. Or, as the company itself once joked, pretty much the only way you could get though a day without enriching Amazon in some way was by "Living in a cave". Just this week Amazon killed a business robot line after only nine months - Ms Kodali says that it is just one of a "Whole graveyard of bad ideas" the company tried and discarded in order to find the successful ones. Mr Kaziuk?nas says for that to happen again will take a similar leap of imagination, perhaps around AI. "The only threat to Amazon is something that doesn't look like Amazon," he says.

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