May 27, 2024

Benedict Cumberbatch dons 7ft monster suit

Being versatile should be part of any actor's repertoire, but Benedict Cumberbatch was taken to new limits when he jogged around New York dressed as a 7ft monster. "It was one of the most ludicrous things I've ever done - and I've done a few," he tells BBC News. The puppeteer even hallucinates seeing Eric standing next to him, wisecracking and poking holes in his ego - because "Puppets say the things we can't". Cumberbatch says the monster represents Vincent's "Shadow self" - a term developed by psychiatrist Carl Jung, describing "Parts of the psyche people often keep hidden, such as trauma and resentment". On set, Cumberbatch was in awe of Olly Taylor, who played Eric for much of the series.

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