Apr 4, 2024

Dramatic drop in logging in key Amazon countries

The number of trees lost in tropical forests in Brazil and Colombia fell dramatically last year because of political action, a new analysis finds. The return to government of President Lula has coincided with a dramatic drop in forest losses in Brazil. As a result, there has been a 36% drop in primary forest losses in Brazil in 2023, compared to 2022."I think what we're seeing in Brazil, for example, is really a case of putting law enforcement back in place that was dismantled during the previous government," said Rod Taylor from WRI.Given that Brazil was responsible for 43% of all tropical forest loss in 2022, this reduction is significant. Not all the forested regions of Brazil saw reductions. Colombia also saw a significant decline with primary forest loss down by almost half compared to 2022.Observers say the actions of President Gustavo Petro Urrego have played an important role in the fall.

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