Apr 30, 2024

After 20 years, what next for World of Warcraft?

Holly told Newsbeat she believes World of Warcraft - which is currently unavailable on consoles - could play a part in this and wants to broaden the appeal of the game. In recent years the game has added new ways to play that appeal to more casual gamers who don't want to spend hours levelling up their characters or don't want to battle other players. It's not unique to World of Warcraft and the game's associate design director, Maria Hamilton, told Newsbeat it was something Blizzard was trying their best to address but will probably never completely eliminate. Blizzard's Vision of Time.Representation is a big topic in the games industry at the moment and World of Warcraft has previously been criticised for including characters deemed by some players to be racist or misogynistic. Compared with Warcraft's launch 20 years ago, games are increasingly competing not just for our money, but for our time and attention too.

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