Jan 9, 2024

New material found by AI could reduce lithium use in batteries

A brand new substance, which could reduce lithium use in batteries, has been discovered using artificial intelligence and supercomputing. Scientists say the material could potentially reduce lithium use by up to 70%. Since its discovery the new material has been used to power a lightbulb. Dr Nuria Tapia-Ruiz, who leads a team of battery researchers at the chemistry department at Imperial College London, said any material with reduced amounts of lithium and good energy storage capabilities are "The holy grail" in the lithium-ion battery industry. In the near future, faster charging solid-state lithium batteries promise to be even more energy-dense, with thousands of charge cycles. "[We could] modify, test and tune the chemical composition of this new material and quickly evaluate its technical viability for a working battery, showing the promise of advanced AI to accelerate the innovation cycle," he said.

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