Aug 30, 2023

Netflix: Streamers expansion into gaming is 'natural extension'

Netflix says games are a key part of its proposition to stay relevant with audiences in years to come, and is slowly ramping up plans to offer more gaming experiences to subscribers. Leanne Loom, vice president of external games at Netflix, tells BBC News: "Games are one of the biggest forms of entertainment out there today, so it really is just a natural extension for Netflix to include them as part of the subscription."The lines between the different ways we enjoy our entertainment are blurring. As well as offering more content to Netflix customers in an increasingly competitive market, Brayshaw thinks their collaboration is a chance to help grow gaming as a form of entertainment as well: "Netflix has an audience 238 million people now," he says. Google's cloud gaming service Stadia was discontinued in January, while Amazon's games division has developed its own titles with mixed success. For more gaming content, go to Press X to Continue, the BBC Sounds gaming Podcast.

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