Jul 25, 2023

Is Elon Musk right to ditch the Twitter bird logo?

When Jean-Pierre Dube saw the news that billionaire Elon Musk was scrapping Twitter's blue bird logo in favour of an Art Deco-style black and white X, the marketing professor thought it was a joke. Estimates by Fidelity, which has a stake in the company, suggest it is now worth just a third of the $44bn that Mr Musk paid for Twitter in October. "The rebranding is likely to confirm the fear of many Twitter users that the acquisition by Musk signalled the end of the Twitter they knew," she said. Even if Twitter's core users in media, politics and finance stay loyal, as they have in the past, making X successful would require participation from a far broader user base - no small challenge, said Harvard Business School professor Andy Wu. But he added that, Twitter faced difficulties before Mr Musk's takeover and would benefit from some risk-taking. "We can debate whether those changes are in the right direction, but Twitter does need changes," he said.

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