Jun 20, 2023

Bernie Sanders announces Amazon safety investigation

Amazon is facing an investigation by the US Congress over its warehouse safety practices, adding to pressure it faces over its treatment of workers. Senator Bernie Sanders announced the probe, calling the company one of America's "Most dangerous" employers. The Senate investigation follows the increased scrutiny Amazon has faced over its treatment of workers since the pandemic, when a global outcry over conditions sparked walkouts in Europe, regulatory investigations, and a push by workers to unionise at several US warehouses. He has previously criticised Amazon over its tax practices and wages, a campaign that Amazon said played a role in its decision to increase its minimum hourly pay for US workers in 2018 to $15. In a letter to Amazon notifying the company of the investigation, he wrote: "The company's quest for profits at all costs has led to unsafe physical environments, intense pressure to work at unsustainable rates, and inadequate medical attention for tens of thousands of Amazon workers every year." The move by Mr Sanders could also lead to a hearing in which Amazon is forced to testify.

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