Apr 24, 2023

Twitter gives fake Disney account verified status

The "Real" Disney Junior account has also been given a gold badge. Last week Twitter dropped blue marks from "Legacy" verified accounts and there is a new colour scheme to its verification system - under the guidance of owner Elon Musk. Blue: The traditional mark of verification now means the account is subscribed to Twitter Blue, from $8 a month, and completed some verification steps such as having a mobile phone linked to the account. "He has now created the perfect breeding ground for fake accounts and misinformation, with no real way of keeping its users safe from the mess of his own making. It would not surprise me if we start to see more brands distance themselves from Twitter following this latest blunder." Twitter has already rolled back free blue ticks for accounts with more than a million followers, and there are increasing numbers of accounts who seem to have badges for which they haven't paid.

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