Jan 10, 2023

Iran protests: Facebook wrong to remove 'death to Khamenei' posts, board finds

An oversight board for Facebook's parent company says the platform was wrong to remove a post with a common protest slogan against Iran's leader. The Oversight Board acts independently to make decisions about what content should be permitted or banned on Meta's platforms, which also include Instagram and WhatsApp. Millions of Iranians were relying on Meta's social networks for news before authorities began restricting access in September in response to nationwide protests against the clerical establishment and Supreme Leader. "In the Iranian context, the board finds that Meta must do more to respect freedom of expression, and permit the use of rhetorical threats," the Facebook Oversight Board's ruling said. The board said it had made recommendations "To better protect political speech in critical situations, such as that in Iran, where historic, widespread, protests are being violently suppressed".

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