Dec 5, 2022

Meta, Amazon, Twitter layoffs: 'Tech layoffs will not destroy our American dreams'

Recent mass layoffs at big US tech firms have plunged into uncertainty several Indians working on non-immigrant visas such as the H1-B. Surbhi Gupta, a product manager at Meta who was among those affected, spoke to California-based journalist Savita Patel about how it took her time to accept it, the uncertainties that H1-B visa holders deal with, and what she plans to do next. My last day at Meta is in January and my H1-B visa allows me to stay in the US for another 60 days, so early March is the deadline for me to find another job. Being at Meta meant not only being able to build an amazing product for millions of people, but also being able to participate in fireside chats and growth and learning opportunities. My ability to work and stay in the US depends on my H1-B visa. In Silicon Valley, the most frequently asked question is - Which company do you work for? But I am still me, not just a product manager.

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