Oct 19, 2022

Netflix: How did the streaming service turn its fortunes around?

You will probably have noticed how much longer it takes these days to complete your favourite Netflix shows. "The framework used to be the binge model. The whole USP of Netflix was that an entire series of something would be available in one go, which at the time seemed completely mind-blowing," says Frances Taylor, who monitors both linear and streaming programming as TV previews editor at the Radio Times. Jamie Harris, technology and science reporter at The Sun, says: "Algorithms have long been the bread and butter of tech firms to keep you on their platforms, and Netflix is no different."For as long as I can remember, it has pushed notifications to users based on their viewing habits, but some have told me they're now getting recommendations for shows and movies they wouldn't usually watch - surprise, surprise, they all seem to be Netflix Originals as well. "This comes as no shock, as Netflix is really having to go big on its own content now, with Disney, Paramount and so many others launching their own streaming services, and taking their movies with them once the rights end. It's a tough market out there - Disney+ took Netflix's spot as the most popular streamer over the summer, and you can bet they want their crown back." Netflix offers some information on their website of how the recommendations system works.

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