Oct 28, 2022

Elon Musk: How the world's richest person bought Twitter

Elon Musk had recently become Twitter's largest shareholder. At the beginning of April, Mr Musk seemed happy with his board position at Twitter, tweeting regularly about how the company might change. After having his offer accepted, he repeatedly asked Twitter to provide data about how many real users it had. Twitter executives shared their figure that fewer than 5% of daily active users, based on estimates from randomly sampled accounts, were bots. After a long Twitter thread from Mr Agrawal, explaining how the company had reached that figure, Mr Musk responded with the poop emoji. In court documents, Twitter argued it had given him ample information about how many real users it had. Mr Musk argued Twitter could have many times as many bots than it had publicly claimed, and even accused the company of fraud.

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