Apr 5, 2022

Twitter moves to limit Russian government accounts

The accounts will no longer be recommended in timelines, notifications or elsewhere on the site, Twitter said. Twitter said allowing Russian government officials to post freely on the social media site, whilst simultaneously limiting the platform in Russia "Creates a harmful information imbalance". The accounts have previously been criticised for spreading misinformation during the Ukraine war, but unlike tweets from Russian state-affiliated media outlets, they have not previously been subject to specific moderation by Twitter. Last month, a BBC investigation found further misinformation spread by official Russian government accounts, as well as evidence of coordinated activity - using multiple government accounts to drive a particular narrative - which is against Twitter's rules. "To be clear, this isn't a 'tit-for-tat' policy, where if you block Twitter then you get de-amplified by Twitter - this enforcement will occur whether Twitter is blocked or not," said Mr Roth.He added that Twitter will take action on media depicting prisoners of war which have been posted by government or state-affiliated media accounts.

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