Feb 16, 2022

Single's Inferno: Why 'fake' rich girl Song Ji-a enraged South Korea

Then there were the Chinese videos, clips where she said she was learning Mandarin, and where she referred to the national Korean dish kimchi as pao cai, a Chinese term for pickled vegetables. While non-Korean fans just saw her as just a luxury influencer, Koreans believed she had presented as something more. "That's what made her attractive - not that she was a hardworking influencer, or that she was successful on her own and making a lot of money. People said they were following her because they thought she was a gold spoon," said Mr Koo.Technically, Ji-a had never claimed to be a "Gold spoon" heiress. Image source, FREEZIA/YOUTUBE. That's reflected in not only Korean politics but also pop culture. These days, it's near impossible for a young Korean to buy a home on an average company salary.

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