Feb 11, 2022

Inventing Anna: The Netflix show versus reality

So begins every episode of Netflix's long-awaited new series Inventing Anna, about fraudster Anna Delvey, aka Anna Sorokin. The story is told through the eyes of journalist Vivian Kent, played by Anna Chlumsky. During the series, Vivian makes multiple prison visits to Anna - as she did in real life - and develops an obsession with her story, as it takes over her life. The real Rachel told her side of the story in a book, My Friend Anna, and an adaptation was in development with HBO. She did not co-operate with Netflix and wrote a scathing response to the series on the Air Mail website last week, accusing the company of running "PR for a con woman". Todd Spodek is not representing Anna in immigration proceedings, but says he does not think she has any legal basis to stay in the US.For more on the story, including interviews with people who were conned by Anna Sorokin, listen to the Fake Heiress podcast on BBC Sounds.

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