Nov 11, 2021

Uber sued by Justice Department for overcharging disabled people

The US Justice Department is suing ride-hailing app Uber over allegations it has been overcharging disabled people. The DoJ claims Uber's "Wait time" fees are discriminating against disabled passengers who need more than two minutes to get into a car. Kristen Clarke, assistance attorney general for the DoJ's civil rights division said the lawsuit aimed to send a "Powerful message that Uber cannot penalise passengers with disabilities simply because they need more time to get into a car". Uber had a policy of refunding wait time fees for disabled riders whenever they alerted the firm that they had been charged, the spokesman said. Uber began charging passengers for driver waiting times in 2016.The firm says riders are charged on average less than 60 cents, and that wheelchair-accessible trips or Uber Assist trips do not have any wait time fees by default.

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