Nov 4, 2021

Climate change: Facebook fails to flag denial, study finds

The researchers manually reviewed every post to make sure it met their definition of climate denial and was not a post condemning such beliefs. These posts represent the most extreme types of outright climate denial, according to the CCDH. They can't tell us the true scale of climate misinformation on the site but they do indicate climate conspiracy content is spreading without being labelled or removed by Facebook. Campaign group Stop Funding Heat, working together with think tank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, said it had found far more misinformation which more generally "undermines the existence or impacts of climate change, the human influence on climate change, and the need for urgent action". Research published on Thursday analysed 48,700 posts between January and August 2021 and found just 3.6% posts containing climate misinformation included a fact-checking label. Counter-extremism think tank the ISD discovered during the 2021 German election that most of the top shared posts relating to renewable energy on the site either doubted climate change or criticised climate action.

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