Oct 9, 2021

DP: Netflix's South Korean show exposing the military's dark side

A military recruit is casually slapped in the face, while another is brutally beaten by a higher-rank soldier just because he feels like doing it. "The soldiers can now feel more secure since they can always resort to calling for external help," said Cho Kyu-suk, a coordinator at the Military Human Rights Center, a civic group that advocates for soldiers' rights. While such incidents may have been swept under the rug in the past, public outcry eventually led to the military pledging to raise the daily meal budget for conscripts by nearly 20%."The military cannot evade accountability any longer behind the shield of 'national security'," Mr Cho said. In March, the country's first transgender soldier who was forcibly discharged after gender-reassignment surgery, was found dead.On Thursday, a court ruled the military had unlawfully discriminated against Byun Hee-soo and her dismissal should be annulled. On Instagram, show creator Kim Bo-tong reposted a message that he received from a woman who said her husband had died in 2012 from military violence.

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