Sep 27, 2021

Instagram for kids paused after backlash

Plans to make an "Instagram experience" for under-13s, dubbed Instagram Kids, have been paused. While the project is paused, Instagram will expand its work on new opt-in parental supervision tools, to cover 13-19-year-olds currently on Instagram. "The research actually demonstrated that many teens we heard from feel that using Instagram helps them when they are struggling with the kinds of hard moments and issues teenagers have always faced", Ms Raychoudhury wrote, two weeks after the WSJ report, part of its Facebook Files series. Technology news site The Verge said Facebook's response "Ignores many of the issues raised in the WSJ piece, including that teens claimed they felt addicted to Instagram". Facebook global head of safety Antigone Davis will answer questions at forthcoming US Senate committee, where she is expected to be asked about the WSJ report and plans for Instagram Kids..

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