Aug 19, 2021

Facebook reveals most-seen posts are inane questions, not politics

Arguably the Facebook page "The typical mom" came out on top, as the only one with two posts in the top 20: "Date yourself by naming one concert you have attended" and "What happens in your head when you add 28 plus 47?".Facebook noted that "Some of the posts in the top 20 may contain lower-quality content". In its November post on the issue, it focused on the "Reach" of links and posts, instead of engagement, which dramatically changes what is "Most popular". So much content is posted to Facebook that, added together, the top 20 posts still only accounted for "For less than one-tenth of a per cent of all US content views", the social network said. Two posts were notable for being substantially different from the rest of the top 20 - a post by Joe Biden, 100 days into his presidency, in which he wrote that "America is getting back on track", and a video from 5-Minute Crafts on how to build a small paddling pool. While most of the top posts seemed to be engagement-chasing question posts, not everything in the report pointed in that direction.

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