Apr 15, 2021

Facebook urged to scrap Instagram for children plans

A group of public health advocates from around the world wants Facebook to scrap its plans to launch a version of Instagram for children. "Kids are already online, and want to connect with their family and friends, have fun, and learn. We want to help them do that in a safe and age-appropriate way, and find practical solutions to the ongoing industry problem of kids lying about their age to access apps," the social media giant told the BBC. "We're working on new age verification methods to keep under-13s off Instagram, and have just started exploring an Instagram experience for kids that is age-appropriate and managed by parents." In March, Buzzfeed reported on an internal company post in which executives discussed plans to build a version of the photo-sharing app that could be used by children who are under the legal age to join Instagram. "The real target of Instagram for kids will be much younger children," it said. "Instagram's focus on photo-sharing and appearance makes the platform particularly unsuitable for children who are in the midst of crucial stages of developing their sense of self," the letter reads.

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