Mar 29, 2021

The Netflix show putting the spotlight on menopause

According to the Indian Menopause Society, the country has 150 million women living with menopause. "Women spend nearly one-third of their lives with menopause, but there's little awareness about it," says Dr Anita Shah, gynaecologist and secretary of IMS. Dr Shah, who has been practicing in the western city of Surat for more than three decades, says less than half the women over 40 years who come to her with symptoms of menopause are aware of what's happening with their bodies and why. "Because women are taught to be silent, so even articulate women in leadership don't talk about issues that concern our bodies." It's the same when women hit menopause - leading to similar fears and anxieties. "We just started talking about menstruation, we are still far away from talking about menopause. It's like the needs and concerns of 150 million women don't matter," she says.

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