Jan 5, 2021

Amazon plots a course into the healthcare industry

"What is lacking in every other pharmacy across the UK is the logistics and Amazon do that exceptionally well. It's exactly what consumers want - having a prescription by 10am and dispensed by Amazon to them in the evening. The likes of Lloyds Pharmacy and Boots can't do that, and independent pharmacies can only do this on a local level," says Mr Bhatti. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's chief executive, once said "Your margin is my opportunity", implying that Amazon delivered better prices by removing the costs added by the middlemen in the supply chain. "Amazon have been working on ways to ensure their platform is dynamic and secure for healthcare organisations in order to partner with them - you see many organisations looking at things like Alexa for healthcare skills, and building healthcare apps on Amazon Web Services, or leveraging Amazon's cloud storage. Now, Amazon is focusing on the actual consumer services," says Ms McCarthy. "With their new wearable Amazon Halo, the company can build a 3D image of their consumers and they can then combine this with the foods you eat through Whole Foods, data from Amazon Prime and Alexa, and information such as your post code, relationship status, demographic data," says Mr Galloway. According to Ms McCarthy, Amazon has put out job posts for clinicians both for Amazon Pharmacy and for other areas of its business.

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