Dec 7, 2020

Rose Island: Netflix adapts the story of 'prince of anarchists' Giorgio Rosa

That's about to change with the release of Rose Island, a new Netflix film which follows the true story of Giorgio Rosa and his battle with the Italian authorities for his self-made structure to be recognised as an independent state. The resulting film depicts the construction of the island, and Rosa's refusal to give in to the Italian government's demands that it be dismantled. As well as claiming the island was being used for drinking and gambling, some politicians even suggested the island posed a threat to national security and could be providing cover for Soviet nuclear submarines, in an effort to damage its reputation. "Rose Island is fundamentally"a story about freedom, about how resilient Giorgio Rosa was against the government," explains Rovere. After such an extraordinary experience, you might think Giorgio Rosa would revel in the stories of Rose Island for the rest of his life, enthusiastic to tell anecdotes about his creation.

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