Aug 16, 2020

Egypt Facebook page raises hopes for missing children

Missing Children was launched in mid-2015 to raise awareness of the issue by posting pictures of lost children and their stories. The first time a child was discovered through the page, it happened by chance, but it prompted Mr Gebali to change its mission from drawing attention to actively trying to find missing children. An employee at a foster care institution had gotten in touch with Missing Children and asked them to send someone to see if any of the youngsters at the facility matched any of its pictures. Although the campaign led to only three children being found, thanks to it the page now has "The biggest database of missing children with pictures in Egypt," according to Mr Gebali. Capitalising on its success in Egypt, the page launched a similar one in Romania - "Very similar to us, with a large number of missing people," Mr Gebali says - in 2019.

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