Jul 18, 2020

Amazon soya and beef exports 'linked to deforestation'

Up to one-fifth of Brazil's soya exports to the European Union may be "Contaminated" by illegal deforestation, a study has found. Reports from non-governmental organisations and journalistic investigations have previously revealed cases of soya and beef being produced in areas of deforestation and exported. Roughly 20% of soya exports and at least 17% of beef exports to the EU may be "Contaminated with illegal deforestation", the researchers said. According to their analysis, two million tons of soya grown on properties with illegal deforestation may have reached EU markets annually during the period of analysis, 500,000 of which came from the Amazon. Duncan Brack, of the Chatham House think tank, said the study strengthened the argument for government measures to end UK consumers' contribution to deforestation, such as a due-diligence or duty-of-care obligation on companies importing products such as beef or soya.

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